Founder's Message

Message from the Managing Director Thiru. S.A. Lourdusamy

I am indeed thrilled and ecstatic about the advent of Lourdes TV. As has always happened in my life, this is also one of the unbelievable miracles of my saviour Mother Amalorpavam. She has showered boundless grace and blessings on me and this one tops it all, for, now, through being able to run the channel, I have been bestowed with the enviable task of spreading the message of the Lord. Being able to do this, that too in this Year of Faith, adds to the glory. I have never, not even in my remotest dreams, ever thought that I would be able to start and run a channel of my own. But now it has all happened by the sheer will of God. I am grateful to Him for I am the one chosen by Providence to spread his gospel of Love far and wide and to every nook and corner of the earth. My heart eulogizes the glory of the Lord! May you also experience this pure and flowing love of the Lord as it reaches your hearts and homes through this channel and you too be rewarded with a blessed and holy life.

S.A. Lourdusamy

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