About Us

“It is the right and duty of every baptized Christian, faithful to work for the extension of God’s Kingdom, primarily through the spread of his Word.” (C.211).

LOURDES TV’ is a cable operated television network run in Puducherry which can be viewed by the people of Puducherry as well as the World through its web site. This TV run by the Annai Educational, Religious and Charitable Trust has been founded with the sole purpose of spreading the message of the Lord and educating the children thirsting for knowledge. It has been officially dedicated to the masses by the Most. Rev. Archbishop of Puducherry and Cuddalore, Dr. A. Anandarayar on 07.07.2012.

‘LOURDES TV’ is run from a full-fledged studio in the premises of the Sacred Heart Basilica in Puducherry, with the due permission from the Most Rev. Archbishop of Puducherry and Cuddalore to telecast the Mass and any other celebration conducted in the premises of the Sacred Heart Basilica. It airs programmes 24 hrs a day. Apart from the live relay of the Holy Mass celebrated in the Sacred Heart Basilica in Puducherry every day, the Holy Mass celebrated in other churches in and outside Puducherry is also aired over the TV.

In addition to this, the Holy Rosary recitation, Ecurastic Prayer and songs are broadcast on a daily basis. Recorded events, speech by holy and eminent personalities and academic programmes for school children are relayed at appointed timeslots.

May the viewers of ‘LOURDES TV’ also experience the pure and flowing love of the Lord as it reaches your hearts and homes through this channel and you too be rewarded with a blessed and holy life.

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